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BNUC-S Qualified, CAA Approved and Fully Insured Drone Pilots. Based Between Farnham and Guildford, Surrey.


Are you legal to operate a UAV for work?

  • Yes, AirEye Ltd. has been approved by the CAA to carry out aerial work. This means that our pilots are suitably BNUC-S qualified and that we operate within strict operational limits that ensure we minimize any risk associated with a UAV (drone). We are also fully insured for public liability up to £2million, damage to external companies payload up to £25,000 and loss of data up to £10,000. For more on the legal aspect of operating a UAV please see the CAA website.

What are your operational limits?

  • In line with our CAA Permission for Aerial Work and current legislation. We can operate the UAV in direct line of sight up to 400ft vertically above ground level and 500m horizontally from the point of take-off. During flight we must also remain a minimum distance of 50m away from individuals or buildings not under our control.

What weather can the UAV fly in?

  • We require 5km or more worth of clear visibility, no rain within 3km and winds gusting at less than 20kts to operate safely. Please note that video quality will improve substantially as wind speed drops. Furthermore, we cannot operate in temperature greater than 35°C or lower than -5°C.

How safe is your UAV to work with?

  • The safety of our clients and general public are paramount to our work. As such, we have a plethora of safety features integrated into operation of our UAV. These include full GPS tracking, automatic “return to home” if control is interrupted, battery alarm systems and geo-fencing.

How fast can the UAV go?

  • We can legally fly up to 70kts above ground speed however, we generally fly far slower (up to 20kts horizontal and 12kts vertical) to ensure a stable flight, giving us the best quality images possible.

Are there any environments that you can’t operate within?

  • Most areas of work are possible with a UAV. However certain environments require further permissions to be gained from the CAA. These include areas within the London Terminal Manoeuvring Area and airport Air Traffic Zones. Please note that work taking place in these areas require no less than 28 days’ notice to be approved by the CAA. For more information please see our Terms & Conditions.

What payload can the UAV operate with?

  • We tend to operate with 3-axis brushless and servo driven gimbals directing our Canon 5D MKIII, Panasonic GH4, GoPro HERO4 0r GoPro HERO360 cameras (dependent on the nature of the work). However, as long as the UAV does not exceed a total weight of 12kg and the payload is securely attached, any camera (or observation equipment) can be utilised with the UAV.

Can the client influence the data collected?

  • Absolutely, prior to the flight we discuss the scope of work with the client to confirm the safety of the flight and the type of data required. Throughout the flight we have a visual down link allowing immediate feedback from the client to the payload operator. Therefore we are able to make small adjustments throughout the flight to ensure we are delivering exactly what our clients require.

Does AirEye Ltd. also do ground based work?

  • Yes, although our specialisation is in aerial work we have a range of equipment that enables us to provide excellent quality, terrestrial data collection for a large range of applications.

Can the UAV be hired?

  • Unfortunately we do not hire out our equipment without a member of AirEye crew. Our costs generally include two crew members, a pilot and payload operator. However, if you already have a payload operator we offer a reduced rate for work that only requires the UAV and a pilot.

What expenses does AirEye Ltd. charge?

  • All additional expenses (accommodation, exemptions, travel etc…) are to be met by the client and are non-refundable except in the case of internal factors affecting the ability of AirEye Ltd. to operate. Please see our Terms & Conditions for more information.

How far in advance do I need to book?

  • We try to be as flexible as possible for our clients, however to confirm a booking we require a deposit of 25% of the total cost (exemptions, expenses and services) no later than fourteen days prior to the date of work. Please note that bookings within 14 days are possible with prior discussion and agreement, however pre-existing bookings will always take precedence.

Where is AirEye Ltd. based?

  • We are based in Ash Green, a quaint village in Surrey which is approximately five miles from Farnham and eight miles from Guildford town centre. This makes work in the South East and London easy for us to get to, although we welcome projects from all across the UK and internationally.

How much does it cost?

  • Dependent on a lot of the factors mentioned above our prices will vary, as such we operate on a quote by quote basis. That said, we have a range of options for aerial work and 360° immersive experiences that will suit budgets from indie producers to broadcast companies.

You haven’t answered any of my questions, what now?

  • Sorry to have taken up your time, please Contact us to discuss any other questions you may have.


AirEye: BNUC-S Qualified, CAA Approved and Full Insured Drone Pilots. Based Between Farnham and Guildford, Surrey.