Display your project from every angle with an interactive 360° Immersive Experience

360° Immersive Experiences


Utilising our range of DSLR and GoPro cameras we are able to create a variety of interactive,  360° Immersive Experiences (otherwise known as 360° Panoramas, Spherical Images or Virtual Reality), displaying the entirety of your project in fantastic detail.


360° Video:

With our array of GoPro cameras and specially designed mounts we are able to capture high definition 360 x 180° video from an incredible variety of locations (including stationary tripods, vehicle mounts or aerial footage with our UAV). These are incredible to view in 4K, on standard monitors through interactive 360° video players, YouTube or using Virtual Reality headsets. See our Kolor Eyes 360° video channel to experience what we’ve created so far.


360° High Definition Panoramas:

Using our GoPro cameras, we can produce beautiful 360 x 180° still images. This method gives an effective resolution of up to 157 megapixels and can be used to quickly capture data at multiple locations, on the ground or from the air using our UAV.


360° Ultra High Definition Panoramas:

Similar to the High Definition stills but using our Canon 5D MKIII, the minimum effective resolution is 120 megapixels, ranging to outstandingly detailed gigapixel images. To ensure a fantastic final product, we usually produce these images with the use of a tripod, although aerial work is possible upon request.


360° Virtual Tours:

Combine still panoramas taken in a number of locations with fully customisable icons and embedded features to create an expansive 360° virtual tour with our in-house Post-Processing.


All of our 360° Immersive Experiences provide:

  • An unimpeded 360 x 180° view
  • Excellent zoom detail
  • Seamless stitching
  • User friendly interface
  • Full web accessibility

Making a 360° Immersive Experience ideal for:

  • Marketing and integration into virtual tours
  • Overlays for use in engineering
  • Accident investigations
  • Virtual reality experiences
  • Many other applications…


Please note, that in line with our Terms & Conditions, all 360° Immersive Experiences will usually require a minimum of two days of in house post-processing by AirEye Ltd. before being provided to the client.


See our Gallery for examples of what is achievable with AirEye Ltd.


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