Gain incredible insight whilst reducing the risk and cost of personnel working at height

Aerial Inspections


Using our range of high definition cameras and stabilised gimbal systems we can conduct exceptionally detailed, general visual, aerial inspections in a multitude of situations for a variety of industries. Alternatively, our UAV allows for a range of client provided payloads to be attached i.e. thermal imaging, LiDar or Multi-Spectrum analysis modules, thus allowing for comprehensive analyses of numerous project types.


We are approved to operate our UAV to a height of 400ft above the point of take-off, at a distance of 500m from the pilot, thus making a huge variety of projects easily achievable. Further to this, the use of a UAV for aerial inspections brings the benefit of:

  • Rapid deployment, taking minutes from time of arrival to be airborne.
  • Cost-effectiveness, when compared to the cost of helicopters or personnel at height.
  • Enhancing on-site safety, by removing the risk associated with workers at height.

UAVs have proven their effectiveness for inspection work in a variety of industrial applications including assessment of:

  • Powerline deterioration
  • Structural integrity
  • Corrosion progression


Please note, that in line with our Terms & Conditions, all data collected by AirEye Ltd. will be provided to the client unedited “straight out of the camera” unless additional Post-Processing is required by the client.


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