Reach new limits of creativity with smooth and dynamic, HD and 4K video

Aerial Videography


Providing high quality, aerial videography services across the UK and Europe, from our base in Farnham, Surrey. Our custom built UAV (drone), range of cameras and top-end gimbal systems allow us to easily provide magnificent aerial shots that are impractical to achieve with cranes, dollie rails, helicopters or ziplines. Think of us as a flying steadicam, equally capable of accurate tracking, fast fly bys and steady panning, with a maximum height of 400ft for beautiful vistas. Have a look at our YouTube channel for our most recent Showreel and other projects we’ve worked on.


Filming with our Canon 5D MKIII, GoPro HERO4 or Panasonic GH4, we are able to capture stunning, broadcast quality, aerial video, up to Cinema 4K resolution. We are also able to attach a huge variety of client provided cameras to our range of gimbal systems, allowing our clients to have all the benefits of a UAV on set, without the issues associated with using multiple different camera types.


In using the best camera, gimbal and UAV technology for aerial filming, we are able to provide video that:

  • Allows for instant feedback from the client as the video is streamed in real-time HD to the payload operator
  • Has minimal latency, enabling effective integration into multiple camera – live streaming
  • Easily achieves unique perspectives that were previously inaccessible with conventional filming equipment
  • Is broadcast quality, up to ultra high definition – Cinema 4K resolution
  • Is incredibly dynamic whilst maintaining excellent stability
  • Adds unrivalled production value to any shoot


Please note, that in line with our Terms & Conditions, all video collected by AirEye Ltd. will be provided to the client unedited “straight out of the camera” unless additional Post-Processing is required by the client.


See our Gallery for examples of what is achievable with AirEye Ltd.


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BNUC-S Qualified, CAA Approved and Fully Insured Drone Pilots. Based Between Farnham and Guildford, Surrey.