Utilising the latest in 360° and UAV technology to provide exceptional quality to our clients

The Tech

From attaching our 360° camera array to the bonnet of a drift car, to filming beautiful vistas and unrivalled tracking shots with our heavy lift or light weight drones. At AirEye we have a 360° and aerial imaging solution for almost all situations.


Allowing us to produce immersive stills, timelapses and video, our 360° camera array is an incredibly versatile bit of kit. We have a variety of mounting options, allowing us to create immersive experiences (otherwise known as spherical video or virtual reality) in a huge range of environments. To date we have captured fantastic 360° footage from camera poles, drones, drift cars, tripods and wake boats, to name just a few. The end 360° footage can be viewed in HD or 4K, through downloadable virtual reality players or hosted online for ease of sharing and maximum brand exposure.


Our drones are registered with the CAA and fully insured for aerial work. We have a range of systems including a heavy lift octocopter capable of carrying a variety of DSLRs and a light weight hexacopter that we operate with our 4K capable camera. The variety of technology available to us means that we are able to provide incredible aerial photography and videography that is suitable for a wide range of industries, from media production to inspections and surveys.


In addition to our versatile range of drones and 360° camera arrays, AirEye have a number of other gadgets that allow us to capture unique perspectives for photographs and video. For ground based filming we utilise an ultra-smooth, 3-axis stabilised gimbal, effectively removing any trace of camera shake. Whilst in situations where we cannot operate our drones, but an aerial view is still required. We are able to mount our range of stabilised gimbals to our 10m high mast, enabling elevated, stabilised footage and photographs with an unimpeded 360° view.


For more information please see our on-line Brochureclick on the infographics below or if you would like to see some examples, visit our Gallery.